Kind Attention Dear Kindergarten Parents

1. The child should be brought to school on time.

2. If the child reaches the school earlier, the parents should not leave the school premises till school commences.

3. The school authorities should be informed about the identity of the person who will be bringing and taking the child to the school everyday if he / she is not travelling by the school bus.

4. No child will be allowed to leave before scheduled hours.

5. The parents are not allowed to enter into the corridors of the Kindergarten during school hours. Normally the gate will be kept closed.

6. An extra set of clothes should be kept in the school throughout the year. If the clothes are soiled and taken home, they should be re-placed the next day without fail.

Kindly co-operate with the school authorities in relation to the expectation from you at all times, especially in the initial stages of the child’s adjustment to the new environment.

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