Class Term - 1 Term - 2 Total (Rupees)
LKG & UKG 11000.00 11000.00 22000.00
I & II 11500.00 11500.00 23000.00
III & IV 11750.00 11750.00 23500.00
V 12500.00 12500.00 25000.00
VI & VII 13500.00 13500.00 27000.00
VIII & IX 14000.00 14000.00 28000.00
X 15000.00 15000.00 30000.00
Transportation Fee 3400.00 3400.00 6800.00
Admission Fee 4000.00 (To be paid only during new admission)

Payment Schedules

School Fee is collected in two terms, as detailed below.The parents are requested to note the Particulars of payment. He is requested, to preserve the fee receipts carefully. The below mentioned schedule shall apply.

Term Month Due Date for Payment
1st April On or before 7th April
2nd October On or before 30th October

The School is not obliged to send any separate reminders to the Parents in this regard. Part payment will not be entertained under any circumstances.

The Term Fee should be paid within the scheduled date as shown in the prospectus, failing which the name of the candidate will be struck-off from the register after a grace period of two weeks. However, penal fee of Rs.10(Ten) will be charged per day after the scheduled date. Admission Fee will be collected for re-entry into the School and assurance of vacancy is not given under these circumstances.

You are free to contact the office / Principal & Secretary during visiting hours for any clarification regarding any relevant issues which may or may not have been mentioned here.


1. The School requires ONE TERM’S written notice to be given to the Principal when a student intends to leave the school. Casual verbal communications will not be accepted. If no such written notice is received, the term’s billing will take place as usual and the payment should be made.

2. The school reserves the right to refuse entry to students whose fees are in arrears and to strike off the names of students from the school register if the fees are not paid after two reminders and 15 days after the term starts.

3. Payments are accepted at the Accounts Department of the School in cash or by cheque. Cheques should be drawn in favour of ‘School Name’ and crossed ‘a/c payee’. For your convenience we have negotiated with our bankers and you can deposit Cash & Cheque at The Visakhapatnam Cooperative Bank, Parvathipuram Branch.

4. Please note that fees are revised every year and may be increased in keeping with rising operational costs.

5. On payment of fees for the term (including the book rental) students will be issued their text books from the school library. Books will not be issued if the previous year’s books have not been accounted for.

6. Any other fees such as examination fees, application fees for CBSE Boards and courier charges will be billed separately and must be paid before examination entries, CBSE Board applications, etc. are sent.

7. The school does not charge separately for designated sports and extra-curricular activities. However, from time to time there may be additional charges for class trips, sports competitions and tours, extra activities, some materials, additional sports, etc., which will be charged additionally for those pupils who participate in such activities.

8. The school will not send applications for public examinations or issue academic transcripts on behalf of any student whose fees are in arrears or books not accounted for.

The School reserves the right to amend this policy as and when required. Any such amendments will be communicated to the students/parents no sooner the amendments are made.

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