At the very outset, I would like to express my gratitude for the faith and interest you have bestowed in Kavirayani. This is a result of our commitment towards providing excellent quality education to the professionals of tomorrow. We believe that people who have positive attitude in life, dedication towards the profession, strong will power and clear concepts in mind can always make their room to the top.

Our core strength lies on such talented and dedicated academicians who have years of experience in promoting and moulding hundreds of students to their rightful career.

Kavirayani is our most important initiative in the direction of taking quality education to each and every potential student at an early age. We have started our 11th and 12th classes as promised earlier. Keeping in stride with the diversified requirements of the future generations, we will be offering our expertise to students at various levels.

Wishing you a great success in you endeavour.

  • Kavirayani Senior Seconday School
    Opp: Dr. Y.S.R. College of Horticulture, Parvathipuram
    Kotavanivalasa ( Village )
    Garugubilli ( Mandalam )
    Vizianagaram (District )
    Andhra Pradesh– 535463

  • Mobile: 9491533701
    Mobile: 9491533906