#Beyond the Classroom
Kavirayani School lays great emphasis on out-of-class activities in addition to academics. The school offers a plethora of opportunities through clubs, hobbies, societies and workshops. Debating, Story telling, Quiz, Calligraphy, Yoga and Aerobics are some disciplines that students love and are encouraged to try their hand at. Events like House Competitions and Cultural Programmes are extremely popular.
Yoga classes enable students to gain self-confidence and minimize stress. Holiday Vocational Camps are coined round the concept of individual development in an atmosphere that is both pleasing and accepted by every child individually as the choice of camp is their Field/Educational trips are organized to inspire and instill awareness of the world around, development of self reliance and confidence. Community building and responsibility is instilled in an atmosphere that offers enjoyment, information and comradeship.

# #House System
There are four houses namely Blue, Red, Green and Yellow headed by seasoned House Incharges. The efficient House system channelizes the competitive spirit of the children in a positive mode without the ugly fangs of envy. Regular Saturday co-curricular activities and Inter House competitions keep the children engaged through out the week and compulsory participation in these not only boosts their confidence and morale but also grooms their personality.

‘A healthy body for a healthy mind’. At school due care is taken to make sure that the students fitness levels are high. The school offers a variety of sports. Excellent game fields for Vollyball, Basketball, Shuttle and Cricket have been provided. School also has a well furnished sports complex which includes a mini Gymnasium, and Shuttle Courts, Yoga / Aerobic room and amenities for indoor games. Athletic field and Karate are the other sports events that the school offers to develop competitive spirit and camoraderie.

#Creative and Performing Arts
Students are encouraged to showcase their creations in exhibitions, demonstrating their skills thereby increasing their self confidence. Cultural programmes form an integral part of the school curriculum. All students of the school are not only encouraged to participate in cultural programmes but the teachers make special efforts to ensure that all the students get an opportunity to participate. Cultural programmes are organized for the celebration of festivals, class/house assemblies and special days to be remembered. Children’s participation in cultural programme helps to develop their confidence and self-esteem.

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