#1. Application Form
Prospective student details need to be clearly written down in our application along with the following documents attached:
A passport- size photograph of the student
Photocopy of the Birth Certificate or the Passport
School leaving certificate
Photocopies of School Records (the most recent record is required)
* For Nursery and Playgroup admissions the Photograph and a copy of a birth certificate or passport would suffice.

2. Confirmation of Enrolment
Parents and student meet Head of School; the first invoice is delivered along with the Information pack which includes the school uniform details, term dates and School Rules.
3. Payment
Accounts Department receive payment and informs School Library of new admission (confirming receipt of fees).

4. First Day of School
Class Teacher meets student and introduces student to the class. School office gives out the time table and details of House, textbooks and the stationary items.

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